We offer a complete range of Auxilliary Equipment to the Plastics Industry from the supply of one Dosing unit to setting up a complete closed-loop system, complete with Feeding, Dosing, Conveyor and Granulating!

Volumetric Dosing Mixers

Volumetric Dosing is ideal for balanced feeding of masterbatch, additives, and virgin materials to the Plastic Processing Machine. These unit have a selection of four dosing screw sizes for different throughput needs.

Material Batch Mixers

Vertical Batch Mixers are mainly used for mixing plastics as raw materials, masterbatch, and recycled materials. However, they cannot be used for mixing of plastic powders, foods, chemicals, flammable, explosive, and volatile materials.

Hopper Dryers

Hopper Dryers are used for drying hygroscopic plastics, such as PS, PP, and ABS etc., which can reach the highest drying temperature up to 160℃. The double- layer insulation models can offer uniform drying temperature with less heat loss. In addition, multiple accessories are optional to realize different functions, such as recycling hot air and filtering metal impurities in the materials. The floor stand makes machine floor mount available.

Dehumidifying Dryers

Honeycomb dehumidifiers are mainly used to provide low dew-point dry air, which can collocate with a hopper dryer to process highly hygroscopic engineering plastics. This series of machines can reach an average dew point temperature of -40℃ with the right setup and maximum drying air volume can reach 4,000m³/hr. If some dry materials are volatile, they must use an EOF filter.

Vacuum Auto Loaders
(Hopper Mounted)

The Single-Phase or 3-Phase Self-Contained Auto Loaders are ideal for Injection Moulding Machines, Extrusion Lines or any other application that requires loading of Material to the Machine or to load material to Dryers which can be installed directly on the hopper. They can also be used together with various Hoppers. Once set up, the machine can work automatically and independently without frequent adjustments.

Vacuum Auto Loaders
(Floor Standing)

These "Standard" Floor Standing Separate-vacuum Hopper Loaders are suitable for conveying material over a longer distance. They are highly efficient with the High-pressure blower features with great suction power. All models adopt stainless steel hopper to ensure no contamination to raw material. Perfect for moving around the factory or the machine!

Mould Temperature Controllers

Mould Temperature Heaters are used to heat up the mould and maintain temperature, they can also be used in other similar applications. Oil or water can be used as the heat transfer method dependant on production process requirements.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyors are used for the conveying/transporting of the finished product from the Machine to any point desired. With consultation we offer custom size conveyors to suit the customers/clients needs which includes belt sizes, lengths, material, specifications and drawings.

Conveyors are widely used throughout all Industries, conveying automation improves the production process, Quality, Efficiency, Production/packaging time and last but not least the more the products are conveyed prevents contamination by handling which is imperative in the Medical and Food Industries

Water Flow Regulators

Water Flow Regulators

Water Flow Regulators are designed to work with mould heaters, water chillers and cooling towers. One can monitor temperatures and flowrate displays and can control flowrate control in order to meet the requirements of different working conditions. Modularized combination ensures convenient installation and maintenance. It is indispensable in modern plastic industry to improve its moulding efficiency.

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