We have developed the GRAVIMIX Easy Clean System for efficient and accurate dosing
of dry and free-owing thermoplastic materials. The emphasis here is on the fast switching
of materials. Therefore we designed and developed a simple cleaning system which
enables you to clean your machine without the use of tools. This makes the machine
extremely user-friendly and developed with ease of use in mind.


  • Maximum capacity MECS 50 kg/h, FLECS 200kg/h. Depending on the number of components and type of materials.
  • Various options
  • Compact and solid
  • Removable hoppers


  • Insight and control
  • Very accurate dosage
  • Saving of additives
  • Very reliable
  • Different executions
  • Easy cleaning system
  • Dutch product


  • FLECS: 2 to 6 components
  • MECS: 4 components
  • Regrind execution
  • Ionization
  • Sensor cleaning
  • Low-level sensors in hoppers
  • MOVAC hopper loaders
  • Frame with suction box
  • Handheld plug-in control
  • Advanced touchscreen PC operation
  • FerlinBridge Smart Industry


  • Mounted on the feed throat of a processing machine
  • On a frame with integrated container next to the processing machine
  • With or without frame and material control valve on a platform
  • If the system is not directly on the feed throat, it must be executed with an extra level control valve underneath the mixing chamber.


Due to the constant dosing accuracy, the percentage of additives can be reduced to a minimum without compromising on the quality of the final product. In addition, the MECS and FLECS can be expanded with the FerlinBridge, Thus linking all consumption data in, for example, an MES system or SQL database. This gives you, insight and control over material consumption during the production process. More information about this can be found in the FerlinBridge brochure.


The FGB MECS and FLECS are able to dose up to 4-6 components. The units are entirely made of stainless steel and removable hoppers are standard. The newly designed vertical dosage valves make sure that dosing is still as accurate as you’d expect. The unique mixing chamber with an integrated mixer is easily detachable. Besides, it is possible to expand this machine with our MOVAC conveying system, developed with the same key principles as our GRAVIMIX in order to provide our customers with a complete solution


With the Easy Clean System it is no longer required to disassemble the hopper loaders before removing the hopper of the GRAVIMIX, this is possible without the use of tools. Ideally suited to production sites where materials are regularly changed. The level sensor is placed outside of the mixing chamber and controls the entire cycle. One of the many reasons why the MECS and FLECS are able to provide our customers with a reduction of additive usage.


GRAVIMIX FGB MECS with 4 hoppers

GRAVIMIX FGB FLECS with 6 hoppers

Frame for FGB MECS with suction box

Frame for FGB FLECS with suction box

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