Servo Driven Energy Saving

PMS Plastics and GEK Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Suppliers, China have been in collaboration for a number of years. We have supplied and installed a number of this Range of machinery around South Africa and our customers are very satisfied. The GEK range of Machinery is an economical machine with no sacrifice on the quality and workmanship.


The Machines are equipped as follows:

Clamping Unit

  • Compact 5 Point fast cycle, rigid toggle system
  • Mechanical & electrical mould safety interlock device
  • Mould protection
  • Wear-resistant supporting tracks for moving platen
  • Mould cooling Water Flow Regulator
  • Hydraulic Core pulling with multi-function control
  • Energy Saving Servo Driven
  • Pneumatic Air Blowing circuit/s
  • Automatic centralised lubrication for injection side
  • Automatic centralised lubrication for clamping side
  • Mould height adjustment by using hydraulic motor

Injection Unit

  • Two-cylinder balanced Injection system
  • Multi stage Injection hold pressure control
  • Multi stage Injection speed control
  • Multi stage plasticizing pressure/speed control
  • Cold start prevention
  • Automatic purging function
  • Suck back
  • Selection of Screws & Barrels to suite customers’ requirements
  • Screw Plasticizing back pressure control function
  • Nozzle centering alignment device


  • High-capability Servo Motor dynamic control system
  • Low noise hydraulic control system
  • By-Pass filter
  • Oil Temperature upper and lower power alarm
  • Oil pre-heating function


  • KEBA Control system
  • Robot interface
  • 35 Set of Mould data storage
  • Abnormal alarm function
  • Barrel Temperature monitoring function
  • Electric motor safety protection device
  • USB port for downloading

General Information

  • The Machines are standard in colour however GEK will paint the machine/s in any colour of customers choice
  • Enclosure safety door design
  • Adjustable Machine levelling device
  • Standard accessories
  • Extended Nozzle
  • Standard Material hopper

Optional extras

  • Wide range of injection units to specifications
  • Wide range of special screws to suite customer requirements
  • Mould temperature controllers
  • Additional special functions ie ejection during mould opening
  • Spring shut off nozzle
  • Screw speed detection device
  • Multiple pneumatic core puller and air jet circuits
  • Multiple hydraulic core puller circuits
  • Mould clamps and magnets

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