From the onset we have been selling fully Reconditioned Injection Moulding Machines.

The Machines undergo a complete and thorough inspection, testing, repair or replacement Barrels and Screws, Toggle Systems, pumps and motors, replacement of worn seals and repair/replace wiring, respraying of the Machine.

The Machine is then test run for a number of days to ensure proper operation.

Our Machines are guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase and of course our well know after sales service applies.

We also run a potential customers mould on the machine they are interested in to ensure that the machine offered is perfect for our customer’s needs.

Not only do we sell the machine but many of our customers send their existing Machines to us for Reconditioning and/or upgrading to PLC Systems and Energy Saving systems.

We have a pump and motor testing station where customers can send their pump or motor to us for testing and repair. Barrels, Screws and screw tip assemblies are repaired or if this is not possible replaced.

Our Electronic centre allows for us to test and repair faulty cards and boards sent in by customer or brought in by our technicians when they are busy with Breakdowns.

Our large range of spares such as seals, O’Rings, pumps, motors, electronic cards etc, you name it we most probably have it or can source it meets most people’s requirements.

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